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State & Community Activities


A gathering of people with disabilities in the State of Florida throughout our State Capitol, including Senate Chambers.

PWDs and CIL Members

March 6, 2019 Center for Independent Day – State Capitol (Pictured: CIL staff throughout Florida and Florida Association of Centers for Independent Living (FACIL) members)

Success Stories (Click Link to download)

Support Stories 2018

Juanita Jester and her furry companion

Juanita Jester is reunited with her dog after hospitalization and rehabilitation and received Independent Living services for community transportation options.


Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc.  – Can you hear me now?

Photo of Karen Jackson and Allison Bell

Karen Jackson with Allison Bell One of many Independent Living Services of the CIL Disability Resource Center is FTRI (Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc.). Karen Jackson is one our IL/FTRI Specialists.

Ms. Allison Bell was referred to CILDRC/FTRI by her Audiologist due to her hearing loss. We looked at her choices of the hearing impaired phones bases on what would be best for her. Karen set up the XLC3.4 and made a few test calls with her while adjusting the volume, ring styles and the  tone for her. Allison states “I am very excited that CILDRC/FTRI Programs were able to improve my ability to understand and communicate with others.” Allison also reports that she is a top ranked associate at JC Penny Department Store and discussed how it is hard to hear and understand customers. Allison was provided a demo with a pocket talker. She will submit an ADA Reasonable Accommodation request to her employer from the advocacy services she received at the center. Allison says, “I am striving to not just be one of the top associates in the district, but to be able to excel in the region.” People with disabilities are able to do anything anyone else can do, some times we just do things a little differently. The center is a place where all may come to work toward their individual success.   Thank you Allison! Great work Karen!

Making a Difference – Hunter

CILDRC is committed to removing barriers to achieving goals for independence. Sometimes, those goals are related to assistive devices.

CILDRC provided funding for replacing batteries on a power wheelchair for a teenager. Hunter said “I am independent now, Mom”!

From Roseann, mother of consumer Hunter:

“As a parent to a child who has many health concerns, completing daily living skills can be a difficult task. That is until I was introduced to the Center for Independent Living. The people here assist anyone with a disability in any way they can. Not only did they get my son’s battery operated wheelchair up and running, but they also purchased a shower chair that was able to fit in my tub perfectly!! ‘I’m taking a shower like the big kids!’ – Hunter

Roseann stated “the services Hunter received not only has had an effect on him, it has decreased the intensity of the labor involved in the crucial care I provide for my son, which has now been turned into an effortless, uncomplicated and manageable job.”

CILDRC is proud assist consumers and their caregivers to have successes in the community.


Gulf Regional Demonstration Center Demonstrates Assistive Technology to Assisted Living Facility