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Support Stories


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Allison Bell is utilizing an FTRI amplified phone and FAAST pocket talker to increase her independence and success as an employee of JCPenny’s. Caleb Peters is able to participate in the community and have independence with his family and friends because he received support for a refurbished wheelchair lift. Hannah Stanwood uses her favorite animal, “Z” for Zebra (Bluebee Pal with her iPad) to learn different ways to be social. FAAST provides adaptive tools that can help with communication Hunter McKinney says “I’m independent now mom,” as he rolled away with his new battery for a power chair so he can ambulate the community and at school on his own. Nick Dotson is independent and employed via his own determination, FAAST support, CIL community advocacy, ECCT transportation, and valued team members at the Hilton Pensacola Beach. Juanita Jester is reunited with her dog after hospitalization and rehabilitation and received Independent Living services for community transportation options. Jim Riley was able to continue to email family, friends, and his homeowner’s association. CIL assistive technology supports allowed him to reach his goal for independent communication. Through CIL Peer Mentorship and Advocacy Training, Kevin Young gained confidence to voice youth in transition needs at CIL Day in Tallahassee during a visit to Senator Broxson’s office. Barbara Mayall gives to the community through advocacy efforts and volunteer services with and on behalf of the Center for Independent Living Disability Resource Center. You can donate online, by mail, or in person. Online see donate button at the top right. To mail your donation or to bring in your donation please find the CILDRC at North Pace Boulevard, Pensacola, FL 32503