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Mission Possible


Mission PossibleYOU make 0ur MISSION POSSIBLE. Honor people important to YOU by giving this year to the CIL Disability Resource Center so people with disabilities benefit. YOU assisted people last year like Caleb, Timothy and students in our region to learn skills fo live their lives as independent as they chose. It is important for you to know the money you provide is used to help people with disabilities in our local communities.

Thank YOU for your efforts and assistance in continuing making our MISSION POSSIBLE. 

Mission Possible Flyer  (Click Link to Download Flyer)



David Boaz with Susan Foster

David Boaz using Text Speak with Susan Foster

David has throat cancer which has affected his ability to speak. Prior to coming to CILDRC, the only way he could communicate with others was to write notes back and forth, which was time consuming and frustrating for David. CILDRC and FAAST staff explored various options to improve David’s communication ability. Ultimately, David decided on the “TextSpeak”, which is a device that translates typed text into speech.

CILDRC was able to provide funding to purchase a TextSpeak for David, which has greatly improved his independence with communication by eliminating the need for handwritten notes. David was very grateful for CILDRC and FAAST for assistance!