Board and Staff Members


Board of Directors

President:  Chris Walker

President Elect:  David Ellis

Secretary: Kathleen Wilks

Treasurer: John Bouchard

Past President:  James Hicks

Board Members

Jerry Cloud

Carrie Finale

Jay Fitch

Judy Hicks

Debbie Horak

Tabitha Nichols

Arthur Nunamaker

Susan Pritchett

Arnold Rosenbleeth

Beth Saier

Bill Simmons




Staff Members Contact Information


Frank Cherry (ext: 16)
Executive Director

Job Description:  Manages the daily operation of the CIL Disability Resource Center.


Deb Stanwood (ext: 20)
Office/Fiscal Manager/Peer Mentor

Job Description:  Responsible for all phases of CIL accounting, funding contracts, and overall administration of CIL.


Sherri Myers (ext: 22)
Advocacy/Outreach Coordinator/Peer Mentor

Job Description: Networks with people with disabilities and assists them with advocacy issues. Works with businesses and individuals on handicap parking issues and accessibility issues.


VACANT (ext: 12)
Administrative Assistant

Job Description:  Performs administrative duties to support the CIL mission.  Performs daily data entry into CIL consumer database.  Provides quality assurance of consumer records.


Don Risavy (ext: 19)
IL Specialist And Peer Mentor

Job Description:  Networks with people with disabilities as Independent Living Specialist.


Danny Broxson (ext: 33)
IL Skills/Volunteer Coordinator/Peer Mentor

Job Description:  Networks with people with disabilities, coordinates the Independent Living Skills Training Program and Volunteer Program.


Brett Robinson (ext: 31)
Okaloosa/Walton Counties Coordinator

Job Description:  Coordinates and over sees all duties of the CIL DRC mission in Okaloosa/Walton Counties.


Lavesta Feagin (ext: 13)
Assistive Technology Specialist

Job Description: Networks with people with disabilities, assists with the daily operation of the FAAST Gulf Coast Regional Demonstration Center.


Diana Tift (TTY)
FTRI Program Coordinator & FAAST Program Specialist

Job Description: Oversees the FTRI Program with inventory/distribution of specialized telephone equipment for people who are deaf and hard of hearing, blind, or have speech impairments.  Manages the equipment for the FAAST loan program such as wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs and evaluates.


Karen Jackson
FTRI Outreach Specialist

Job Description:  Evaluates and conducts specialized telephone equipment assessments with consumers throughout Northwest Florida.


Cheri Hofmann
FAAST Program Coordinator/AT Specialist (PT)

Job Description:  Coordinates and oversees the Gulf Coast Regional FAAST Program and coordinates the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) training programs.  Networks with people with disabilities.