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Equal Access Employment Program


CIL Disability Resource Center (CILDRC) has partnered with Workforce Escarosa to become a worksite employer for the Community Work Experience Program (CWEP) an equal access employment program for people with or without disabilities.  Escarosa will provide eligible participants for on the job training at CILDRC in which they can gain hands on work experience to prepare them for transition into employment at CILDRC or with other employers.  The participants will be evaluated on Job Performance, Personal Grooming, Attendance and Punctuality, Attitude, ability to be a Team Player and will receive training on disability awareness and sensitivity.  They may also be provided a written letter of reference to take with them for future job interviews.  Participants are provided financial assistance and may also be eligible for CWEP childcare, transportation and other work-related expenses to the extent funding for the program is available.

For more information, contact George Heard, Workforce Escarosa Community Work Force Representative at 850-607-8812.